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Networks for BAHN

Since 1995 I have been using the shareware programme BAHN, which is designed to build virtual railway, bus and ship networks and simulate their operation. Information on the software and the software itself (in English as well) can be obtained from → the author's home page.

The network files that I have produced with BAHN over the last few years can be downloaded here (ZIP compressed).

cornwall.nt3 (ZIP, 13.8 KB) Railway network (regional trains only) in Cornwall/ GB in 1996.

lyon.nt3 (ZIP, 11.2 KB) Metro network (including funicularies) in Lyons/ F in 2002.

nrwm.nt3 (ZIP, 101 KB) Railway network in the central part of North Rhine-Westphalia/ D (the Ruhr and adjacent areas) as of 12 June 2005.

stb-rr.nt3 (ZIP, 35.9 KB) Tram and premetro network in the Ruhr/ D in 2001 (not yet finished).

vest.nt3 (ZIP, 23.8 KB) Vestische Straßenbahnen's bus network (Northern part of the Ruhr/ D) in 2002 (not yet finished).

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